on Software

  • Javascript and the Lisp Curse

    I was building a website the other day. I want a leaflet map, some GeoJSON layers, just POIs really, nothing fancy, and a bootstrap layout so the website can be used from any size of screen.

  • The Nature Of Java Application Development

    Building things in Java has many great benefits.

  • Why to use JMS in your JEE Application.

    JMS is about having Enterprise Java Applications communicate with the outside world.

  • Autocomplete

    Autocomplete rocks. Undoubtedly.

  • A Network Service Shell

    “You cannot teach a man anything, ..” — Galileo

  • GeoJSON

    I created a GeoJSON extraction interface for Smallworld. Its core is the method .as_geojson(_optional out_stream) on the main geometry type mixins.

  • Database Priority

    Smallworld™ Geometry has priority to group together what is likely to be used together. Priority can be set at design time. There is value in maintaining sensible priority as it can make your app faster.

  • Groovy Goodness

    I’ve been using Groovy much recently and I wish more people could benefit from the good points. Hence this post.

  • Method Finder on Smallworld™ 5

    Method Finder and Class browser provide excellent integration functionality for developing Smallworld™ Magik within Emacs. Are they going to work on Smallworld™ 5 too?

  • WMS Seeding

    For a good user experience, performance is one of the implicit requirements. It is never an issue, as long as everything is fast. Well, you may have had the conversion about this particular WMS service, that we all use, being not perfectly sufficient in term of responselyness.

  • How ACPs Work

    The Magik VM is a little older than current offerings. At the time it was built there probably were more urgent matters than third party software integration. But today you cannot live without.

  • Tool Images

    Occasionally you want to automate recurring tasks in your Smallworld™ GIS installation. It may sound trivial, but there are a number of different ways this can be done, and not all are equally well suited …

  • ds_file_iterator

    The day comes when you want to backup an entire VMDS SOM or take a snapshot copy to test your upgrade. How would you do that? Shut everything down and use Explorer? Backup Manager? Iterate files on the filesystem and ds_transfer stuff out? What about Superfiles?

  • Your Own OSM WMS

    Open Street Map is many things, and also a beautiful example of the prosperous nature of community projects. So why not make available what is good to more people, such as our customers.

  • Module Dependencies

    A Smallworld™ installation consists of products which themselves are made of modules. The module system allows the specification of module dependencies, regardless of the product containing the required module. New users to the system can easily feel overwhelmed by the number of available modules. So let’s see what the modules look like from 30k feet.

  • Faster Editing Magik in Emacs

    When editing Smallworld™ Magik source in Emacs, the tooling experience is usually very comprehensive. There are the common facilities provided by Emacs, such as tags tables, abbrevs, the keyboard navigation that is unmatched in todays development environments, to name a few. There is of course also the Smallworld™ class browser for those that need more interactivity.