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I created a GeoJSON extraction interface for Smallworld. Its core is the method .as_geojson(_optional out_stream) on the main geometry type mixins.

Database Priority

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Smallworld Geometry has priority to group together what is likely to be used together. Priority can be set at design time. There is value in maintaining sensible priority as it can make your app faster.

WMS Seeding

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For a good user experience, performance is one of the implicit requirements. It is never an issue, as long as everything is fast. Well, you may have had the conversion about this particular WMS service, that we all use, being not perfectly sufficient in term of responselyness.

The options to make things faster are numerous: more licenses, less visible geometry, faster hardware, removing custom draws, to name a few. And then there is caching. Caching is often one of the first actions taken because it does not seem to be expensive at first, and does not require big changes to the architecture.

How ACPs Work

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The Magik VM is a little older than current offerings. At the time it was built there probably were more urgent matters than third party software integration. But today you cannot live without.

At any time it is good practise to reuse computer software that is already written, and many libraries would be costly or impossible to implement in Magik. Unfortunately the Smallworld Magik VM does not have a FFI or Plugin API. That’s where ACPs come into play.

Tool Images

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Occasionally you want to automate recurring tasks in your Smallworld GIS installation. It may sound trivial, but there are a number of different ways this can be done, and not all are equally well suited …


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The day comes when you want to backup an entire VMDS SOM or take a snapshot copy to test your upgrade. How would you do that? Shut everything down and use Explorer? Backup Manager? Iterate files on the filesystem and ds_transfer stuff out? What about Superfiles?