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Method Finder on Smallworld™ 5

19 Oct 2015

Method Finder and Class browser provide excellent integration functionality for developing Smallworld™ Magik within Emacs. Are they going to work on Smallworld™ 5 too?

Stepping back a little, why are these tools so important, now that we are on the JVM? Well, after all, and as of yet, we’re not all programming Java instead of Magik. And because in Magik there’s not that strict correlation between source file and exemplar it is relevant to be able to tell where a method is defined. This gets more important with patches. So these tools are a must, one way or the other, even for the use with MDT.

Good news is: it’s all working still. In Emacs too. The method finder is available in Smallworld™ 5 Core installations and usable in Emacs. You got to take Emacs from a 4.3 installation, but it works.

Since the installations do not have, by default, source code you can set up a source mapping using method_finder.add_mapping to jump to source code in different directories.